Mudgeeraba Forest


If you are looking for a safe family environment with an abundance of space and close to town, you’ve come to the right place.



Mudgeeraba is a suburb in the Gold Coast Hinderland,, Queensland, Australia. At the 2011 Australian Census the suburb recorded a population of 13,204. Mudgeeraba is remnant of the type of township that characterises the rural hinterland of the Gold Coast. Subdivision of land was conventional and buildings were traditionally rural or rural commercial.


In the 2011 Census the population of Mudgeeraba is 13,204, 51.3% female and 48.7% male. The median/average age of the Mudgeeraba population is 36 years of age, 1 year below the Australian average. 69% of people living in Mudgeeraba were born in Australia.


Mudgeeraba in detail

This town is a bit of a tongue twister but the once you wrap your mouth around the name, it’s well worth a visit. For this is a pretty village, which skirts the fringes of the Gold Coast and sits patiently at the foot of the Gold Coast Hinterland. Old Gold Coasters believe Mudgeeraba remains relatively untouched by tourism and this is one of its many charms.

Certainly, the original Mudgeeraba Hotel built in 1884 still remains, although these days its name has changed to the Wallaby Hotel. Many credit the opening of this watering hole, both for horses and passengers, for the impetus around which the village was built and today, the old world charm remains. The Mudgeeraba Farmers Markets are believed to be the oldest on the Gold Coast and home to local produce, coffee, jams, cheese, wine and baked goods from around the area. There’s also quaint restaurants, bed and breakfasts, cafes and art and craft galleries in this lovely area which eventually winds its way up towards Springbrook National Park. The only tongue twister remaining will be where to eat.

With Mudgeeraba Village only 5 minutes away, you can soak up the village atmosphere, historic old buildings and friendly community charm anytime you like.